Habits of Work

Habits of Work

What is the difference between a Habits of Work progress report and an academic report card?

The Habits of Work progress report, which goes home approximately every three weeks, provides you with information related to your student’s behavior, effort, and work habits.  It focuses on the habits necessary to be a student.  The academic report card, sent separately, provides you with information related to your child’s academic performance in each class.   Effort does not necessarily correlate to performance.  Therefore, we feel that the two reports will provide you with an accurate picture of your student’s progress through high school.



 I am ready to learn (On time with my class materials and laptop ready to work

Engagement for Learning

I actively participate in class and I own my learning (Involved in class activities, explain where there is confusion)

Academic Effort

I positively approach learning challenges (Incorporate feedback, do my own work, turn in completed assignments when due)


I am in control of myself, my actions, and my words.  (Do not distract myself or others, use materials appropriately)