At Civic Leadership High School, our ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade students participate in our Twenty-First Century Skills for Changemakers course.  

This program develops skills necessary for students to become civic leaders. The grade-level courses consist of a variety of hands-on, skills-based activities that will be used as a framework for students to acquire and build theme-related skills and knowledge.
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 9th Grade 

Emergency Medical Services - Students will learn a variety of first aid skills to include bleeding control, hands-only CPR, mass casualty triage, and more.

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 10th Grade

Military Skills - Students will learn a variety of basic survival skills utilized by our nation's men and women in uniform to include military alphabet, radio etiquette, map reading, and more.

 11th Grade

Social Justice Skills - Students will explore what justice is through a variety of lenses, and at the local, state, and national levels.