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The CREC Civic Leadership High School is now taking applications for its Explorer Post!  

Exploring is a program affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, but open to both male and female students who are interested in learning more about careers in public service. 

At CLHS, the Explorer Post is affiliated with our Leadership Corps.  Although our Explorers participate in all of the activities that Leadership Corps members participate in, members of our Explorer Post have the opportunity to participate in additional opportunities, many of which occur outside of the school day, relating to our school's theme of public safety and public service.

In addition, members of our Explorer Post have the opportunity to earn 1/2 credit towards graduation each year through our Field Experience in Public Service program.

CLHS's Explorer Post is referred to as a "Unified" post, in that it contains programming in more than one Exploring Specialty.  Our program contains elements of Law Enforcement Exploring, Fire & EMS Exploring and Law & Government Exploring.

Students interested in joining the Explorer Post should see Mr. Platt for an application.

After each post activity, each CLHS Explorer should complete the Activity Report found here.

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